• Create optimally functional water for people, plants and animals.

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Jody Spencer, Co-Founder

Adam Abraham, Co-Founder

Water is Liquid (and Living) Electricity

With no moving parts, President Water Vortex Generators are placed on lines with a wide range of sizes from 1/2"or 14mm to 16"or 400mm in diameter

A series of vortex events are created as the flow passes through the devices, causing a massive acceleration in the "spin state" giving the water increased energy to perform more work.

"Absolutely - We are really happy with it. We are punching out some great fruit, improved yields and reduced input costs. The pumps are not running as much as the moisture probes are not calling for as much water.

Simon Torrisi - Proud Farmer - Burekup, Western Australia

We invite you to enjoy "Water's Story"

The natural movement of water tumbling over rocks, down waterfalls, flowing, twisting and turning (vortexing) activates and energises it, allowing it to do more work.

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Our "Why"

Let us help you with your water decision.

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