• Create High Energy Water for People, Plants and Animals. Naturally

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Maximize Water Efficiency with President Water Vortex Generators

Unlock the potential of water. Our state-of-the-art devices are not just simple tools; they are gateways to a new era of water efficiency. By creating an environment with no moving parts for the water energise itself, our vortex generators ensure that every drop is used to its fullest potential, delivering remarkable Water Usage Efficiency
(WUE) and so much more.

Whether you're aiming to reduce consumption in irrigation,
looking to optimize processes in industrial settings, or seeking
sustainable water solutions for municipal, well or bore use, our vortex generators are
designed to meet a broad spectrum of needs. Available in sizes ranging
from the compact 1/2-inch (14mm) to the robust 16-inch (400mm), we
ensure that you have the right fit for your water systems.

  • **Sustainable Water Management** : Our vortex generators are at the
    forefront of WUE, helping you meet sustainability goals and comply with
    governmental standards.

  • **Adaptable Solutions**: With a variety of sizes, our devices can be integrated into any system, improving water
    quality and functionality across the board.

  • **Cost-Efficiency**: By leveraging the power of energized water, our generators contribute to
    significantly lower water bills and resource savings.

    Join the
    revolution in water productivity and take a step towards a more
    sustainable future. Learn more about the science behind Vortex Water and
    how President Water Vortex Generators can be pivotal in achieving exceptional WUE in your operations. Browse our range and let us assist
    you in selecting the ideal solution that aligns with your water
    efficiency objectives.


Jody Spencer, Co-Founder

Adam Abraham, Co-Founder


The natural movement of water tumbling over rocks, down waterfalls, flowing, twisting and turning (vortexing) activates and energises it, allowing it to do more work.

Our "Why"

Let us help you with your water decision.

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