About Us

President Water came to life through the introduction of two water entusiasts, researchers Jody Spencer and Adam Abraham via the author of "Dancing with Water"- MJ Pangman.

 From the very beginning we saw amazing results with the devices, yet we didn't fully understand why we were seeing them, this kept us inspired to move forward in an effort to better understand some of waters phenomena and mysteries. Today we understand more, our knowledge quickly accelerated when Alex De Pena joined the team, we jokingly call him the "google of water."

Our vision is a world we where can all be better stewards of water. Sharing knowledge and products that allow our most precious resource to work in the most effective and efficient ways.  

The President Water Company makes a line of vortex generators that, with no moving parts, change the physical, electrical, and chemical properties, along with its behavior, through accelerated, choreographic, vortical motion. 

The change is consistent and fundamental enough to require our customers to rethink all water use conventions and protocols.

With regard to what matters most to the health of plants, animals, and people, the water that we use is, more often than not, in an impaired state. 

  • Instead of supporting life, it's on life support.
  • Instead of giving, it is great need.
  • Instead of function and efficiency, it instigates dysfunction and inefficiency.

Therefore, we use more water, but get less from it, and paying more to boot.


The good news is that this impaired state of affairs can be rectified with relatively low cost and great potential gain, through the Natural Phenomena of Vortex Motion.

We look forward to you joining us and sharing the information and products to create an improved future for all.

Thank you

Political Disclaimer

Our rather unorthodox name infers no political affiliation or leaning. For whatever the term “president” means to anyone today, water is what any and all presidents should aspire to, that is, to serve all with equality, efficiency, and ethics.