The Traveler Personal Vortex Generator

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Are You Out and About?

In this day and age, where energy is low wherever you go, you’ll want to give your water and other beverages (both hot and cold) the energy boost of a Class VI roaring rapid!

Better still, you’ll do it just like nature does, using only the force of gravity and a steady hand to pour.

The Traveler™ vortex generator from President water will do the rest.

The Traveler restores crystalline order to the beverage, making it even more refreshing. Great for water (cold and hot), wine, and other spirits. (Not recommended for  beer or carbonated beverages.)

An emerging sector of water treatment technology, vortex generators apply the same forces and methods as Nature does to change the elemental make-up of water, increasing its electrical properties through accelerated spin. 

The Traveler™ is part of an entire family of vortex generators from The President
Water Company, for the home, RV, office, farm, business, and factory.