Vortex Generators: Answering The Why of Why

The Emerging Science of Water by Vladimir Voiekov and Konstantin Korotkov

By Adam Abraham

Our appreciation of the critical importance of water, and more specifically, its motion-state, continues to grow. In addition to our customer experiences, new book titles continue to appear that “fill in” the blanks in our understanding about this important, unique, and you could say, misunderstood substance.

While first published in 2017, I only stumbled upon this title recently from an author, professor, and researcher that I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, PhD. The book is titled, The Emerging Science of Water: Water Science in the XXIst Century (2017), which he co-authored with Vladimir Voeikov.

Konstantin Korotkov is Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg National Research University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in Russia and a senior researcher at St. Petersburg Research institute of Physical Culture and Sport. He has published over 200 papers in leading journals on physics and biology, and he holds 15 patents on biophysics inventions. He has authored several other books, among them, The Energy of Consciousness, and Light After Life: Experiments on Afterlife.

I was first introduced to Dr. Korotkov’s electrophotonic imaging system, referred to as GDV, in the documentary film, Water, the Great Mystery (2006). A few years later our paths would cross in person. I had taken an active involvement in “structured water” after seeing some amazing demonstrations, then learning first-hand about the discoveries of Viktor Schauberger, whose work is also covered in Konstantin’s book.

Dr. Korotkov’s device made it possible for us to see, analyze, and independently replicate the energetic signatures of water drops, as shown below.

The light patterns and emanations shown above are so faint as to be undetectable in normal ambient light. These emissions are always flowing from our fingertips and toes (cats will often pounce on them), but they reveal much about the quantity, quality, and state of the energies of the subject.

Subtle energy is also referred to as vital energy; the energy of life itself, which is germane to all life forms, including plants, animals of all sizes (including microbial and insects), and people.

As an aside, another subject in the movie that I eventually met was Masaru Emoto (1943-2014), author of numerous books on this subject, including The Hidden Messages in Water.

Dr. Emoto’s work demonstrated that water’s “structure-ability” is 100% responsive to and dependent, not just on, thoughts, but their quality. Thoughts and their quality are 100% products of, and dependent upon the habits of the consciousness of the thinker. As such, we have the power to change them.

Wikipedia still lists Dr. Emoto as an “author and pseudoscientist who claimed that human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water”. It’s amazing that an “official” organ for the human narrative would infer that this was a silly or absurd idea.

We’ll examine Dr. Emoto’s work and its relevance to vortexing in another article, but it merited mentioning here.

In some scientific circles to this very day, vortex generators, which make the “structuring” of water possible and sustainable, are likewise thrown in the pseudoscience bin. But then, scientific research has become a “for hire” endeavor by private organizations, government agencies, research institutes, and universities that have little interest in research that is not first triggered by an endowment or grant.

Objective, unbiased discovery can quickly be dismissed if it makes current methods, or their proponents look bad, or even worse, obsolete. Our current methods evolved as solutions to problems or behaviors, given our best understanding at the time of what caused them. Vortexing is applied with benefit of a different set of understandings, the efficacy of which is self-evident in the results that we repeatedly enjoy.

Broader Research Base

In addition to Viktor Schauberger’s work, The Emerging Science of Water brings covers Dr. Gerald Pollack’s research (The Fourth Phase of Water), and physicists Giuliano Preparata (1942-2000) and Emilio Del Giudice (1940-2014), who advanced the concept of coherent domains (CDs) and quantum electrodynamics (QED) at the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics.

Italian scientists extended the theory of quantum electrodynamics (on the condensed liquid phase) and obtained important results. They showed that the interaction between the electromagnetic field of the physical vacuum and matter in the liquid state leads to the appearance of the areas in which water molecules begin to oscillate in unison (becoming phased), i.e., they enter a coherent state. These “special areas in liquid” are similar to the working body of laser. The authors gave these special areas the name, "coherent domains" (CD).

We have long understood that coherence of motion was a fundamental product of vortexing, resulting in a stable “state” that facilitated a cascade of improvements in water’s behavior.

  • increased penetration (due to smaller cluster sizes),
  • reduced friction through higher velocity and more uniform spin,
  • increased oxygen (O2) availability (without adding)
  • vector alignment,
  • reduction of solids sizes (2 microns)
  • friction reduction (superfluidity)
  • colloidal distribution of “solids”
  • tornadic deconstruction of long-chain compounds
  • reduced heat

Lower heat values also affect evaporation rates, just to name a few.

“The coherence implies that the whole mass of molecules is moving more like a ballet without collisions than a crowd.”

These changes are germane to a large percentage of water users, including residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial, because most of the water consumed (including treated and bore/well water) is, relatively speaking, in a low motion, high chaos, high friction condition. It takes more energy to use it and requires more water and resources. Installing a vortex generator on the line changes all that instantly, with significant and often astounding results.

The most interesting consequences of the Preparata and Del Guidice theory were obtained in the analysis of water CD (coherent domains). Their approach has allowed the understanding of why water acts as the main organizing force of nature.

Source of Fire (Biological)?

Throughout the book the authors used the terms “work” and “function” that are impacted by water’s motion-state, delving deeply into foundational areas where general chemistry rarely goes.

In general chemistry, water is considered to be a rather active compound. However, in biochemistry, only water’s hydrolytic activity is usually considered. This is the reaction in which water molecule H-O-H splits into fragments (free radicals): OH and H. H is added to one part of the hydrolyzed molecule, and OH- to another.

The simple, or shall we say fundamental act of “splitting” of water’s two aspects, oxygen and hydrogen, are active factors in virtually all organic and inorganic activity. Yet, the degree to which said splitting, and therefore, availability of the two elements is received, is impaired unless activated through vortex excitation.

The distinction between sedentary or “bulk” water and “excited” water, which literally enables combustion (fire) to be created, was made crystal clear.

The discovery that carbon burning can only take place in the presence of water was made more than two centuries ago. In 1794, British chemist, Elizabeth Fulhame, published an essay on combustion, in which she stated that water is the necessary catalyst (or intermediate) of coal combustion.

The image below shows a flame produced from water containing three different concentrations (0.3%, 3%, and 30%) of salt, sodium chloride (NaCl), by a 13.56 MHz beam, which could have been light or sound.

You could call this the Fuel of Life. Excited, stable, energy-rich, functional water is what all biological life requires in sufficient form and supply for (1) existence in this experiential domain and (2) proper or optimal function (otherwise known as, “health”). The Fuel of Life comes from bulk water. This is the water that nourishes and energizes cells. Dehydration of cells is due to insufficient generation of the combustible Fuel of Life that is produced from bulk water.

When it is consumed, it returns to bulk water again. Vortexing the water volume, for example, via recirculation creates and recreates the Fuel of Life.

Summing it Up

While The Emerging Science of Water is for everyone, it may not be for everyone. All of it was definitely for this reader. It made the value and importance of vortex generators even clearer. If they are open, anyone who thought of water in a liquid state as simply “wet” is in for a surprise. We now know that unless the water is excited, it’s bulk, and is missing some important pieces that are critical to life and health.

Filtration doesn’t excite. Reverse Osmosis systems do not excite the water. They also don’t create coherent domains. Chaos and friction are what they leave us with. Removing all organics, which is the kindling of life, and itself is living, makes bulk water inert. Vortexing takes it all in.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what to say about the information presented in this book and may already have crossed the line with regard to what’s meaningful to you versus what’s meaningful to me. You may not care about these things, but we do. You may not know about many of these subjects, but again, we do. We’ve seen the results, time and time again. This is The Why of why these results happen with vortexing in conjunction with other factors and are important.

It is also why we encourage you to add vortex generators to your water treatment systems, especially where life depends on it. (And where doesn’t life depend on water?) If you want to know the details, there are ample researchers and resources, such as Korotkov and Koiekov, Pollack, and others that we didn’t mention.

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