PW50 Vortex Generator for 1/2" - 13mm

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Elevate your water experience with the impeccably designed PW50, the latest addition to our much loved range. Meticulously crafted to exceed the highest engineering benchmarks, the PW50 combines peak performance, relentless durability and affordability.

Revolutionizing Water Vitalization.

The truth is that everyone deserves to be interacting with high energy water. Until now this has not been possible, with price points in $400-600 range.

Perfect for

  • Renters - looking for an alternative to whole home units.
  • Water Filter enhancement - add to any existing filter system including RO
  • Hydroponic, Aquaponic and Aquarium  Applications
  • Home Gardeners
  • RV and Caravans
  • Pet Lovers
  • Food and Cooking Enthusiasts
  • anywhere water is used

Let the exceptional results speak for themselves.

Its easy installation and zero maintenance to ensure a hassle-free experience.

[Update 2/29/2024] Deliveries begin Q1 2024

First shipments of the PW50 are scheduled to begin in late March/ mid April 2024. This means that you'll soon be able to experience the benefits of improved water quality and enhanced water dynamics in your home or chosen application.

[Update 4/17/2024] First Units Shipped

Production is ramping up,. After functional testing, some cosmetic changes were adopted, before completing the production run. So this batch, which are fully functional,, is on its way.  

[Update 5/10/2024] First Batch Delivered Customer Shipments Begin

The first batch of PW50’s are here, and we’re shipping!