The Water Story

"Water is the driving force of all Nature." ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Thank you for finding our website and your interest in our vortex generator line. We are aware that it takes some mindful determination to find us, and we are grateful to each of you. We have spent years asking many questions about the properties, physics, and chemistry of vortexing water as Nature does, including how and why it matters. The answers are amazing and profound. The pages that follow summarize just some of what we have learned.
Water is too ubiquitous of a substance and too important a subject to be fully understood in a few sentences or minutes. However, this is our best effort at doing so.
Quite literally, life depends on water, and the quality of life depends on the quality of water. Someone described it as "science", which to us is high praise. Indeed, the science involved in a vortex event, an Act of Nature, is nothing less than amazing. If you want to know more, please reach out.

Vortex Generators and Functional Water

Water is both the environment and enabler of Life as we know it. All water supports Life of some kind or another, from microscopic to Macroscopic. We used to think that water found in Nature held unique properties that optimally enhance all Life, but after more reflection, we realize that Nature is everywhere. Water can support Life anywhere.
The question is, what Life does it support, and more specifically, what is the state of health of that Life? The answer to that question is directly related to the motion state and consequent function of the associated water. 
Water supports and is of critical importance to "all life", but "all life" cannot flourish harmoniously or optimally in all water. This is because water exists in various states... not just "solid," "liquid" or "gas", but states of motion, including velocity, spin, and unity of direction within the volume.

Health and Degeneration

Given the above factors, the motion state of Water can be the critical difference between health and degeneration and the persistence of life and "death".
Within the liquid state are variations in motion ~ characterized by the velocity, rotation, and direction of spin ~ that affect the physical, chemical and electrical properties of water and its behaviour—consequently, the Life that can optimally exist within it, or how it functions.
We tend to think of water today in terms of "purity," "cleanliness", and "safety". We presume that health will be the consistent result of these terms and the objectives that they represent. However, a critical factor of water that is routinely overlooked is its functionality.
The functionality of water is characterized by cluster size/density ~ smaller cluster sizes mean higher density, penetrability and infiltration.
  • Smaller cluster sizes mean easier and wider dispersion/distribution
  • Increased Oxygen Liberation and Availability ~ The tornadic pressures and force vectors associated with every vortex, of all sizes, alter atomic relationships and electrical properties on every scale.
  • Transpiration Reduction ~ When it is vortexed, the amount of irrigation water absorbed into plants lost to evaporation is significantly reduced.
  • Increased Ionization ~ Vortexing results in a significant increase in free or available electrons in the volume, thereby changing its electrochemical characteristics.
  • Lower "Friction" ~ the consistent, highly ordered and greatly accelerated spin characteristics helps the water volume pass through the pipe, root wall, blood/brain barrier, or blood cell, with greater speed and ease. 
  • "Non-molecular Memory" ~ is cleared/erased.


Water is a multidimensional information carrier, holding information far over its mass. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), German physician and founder of homeopathy first demonstrated this property. In recent times, French immunologist Jacques Benveniste (1935-2004). These changes in both molecular and non-molecular physics are achieved through a phenomenon of Nature called vortex events.
Samuel Hahnemann and Jacques Benveniste
One of the giants to observe, appreciate, record and show humanity how to unlock water's motion potential was the Austrian forester, Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958). 
After years of observation, he presented the radical idea that, like a succulent fruit, water has its own "season"  and state of optimal "ripeness". 
When water is not "ripe," it can be characterized as "empty," "hungry," "angry" and "immature". Today we observe evidence of "weak," unruly water in calcium and struvite buildup (scaling), corrosion, inadequate infiltration and quick evaporation. The annoyance, calamities, and needless expenses that these correctable conditions create are exacerbated by the prolonged and expanded use of filters and chemicals. 
Walter Russell (1871-1963) brought to light in an entire library of beautiful graphic diagrams, the fundamental physics of spiral motion, which curved, with ever-increasing speed, around the edge of a center that he characterized as simply, Stillness.. 
Walter Russell
Within vortex phenomena are vectors of motion flows created by the velocity of the moving volume and pressure differentials that result. Its cohering and energizing influence, particularly on water volumes that had become relatively stagnant and chaotic, creates the profound physical changes noted above with utmost efficiency and speed.
Indeed, it can clearly be demonstrated that a profound amount of work is done by the simple act of implementing vortex phenomena into a water or process flow.


Speaking of efficiency, the changes in water's characteristics make it possible to get far more done with less. How much less depends on the general motion state of the water volume before vortexing.
Municipal and bore or well waters stand to show dramatic improvements due to their higher level of stagnation. Higher pressure or velocity will also produce greater changes than lower.

This is Nature's way.

The human body is, in effect, a living vortex generator. Vortex phenomena are an integral part of a design of supreme efficiency. This point is demonstrated in the following excerpt from The Hygienic System, by Herbert M. Shelton, M.D.
"... due to the marvellous efficiency of the heart and arteries in circulating the body's fluids and gases, the lungs and digestive system in replenishing its nutrients, and the kidneys, lungs, colon, liver and skin in excreting its wastes, the body can live in a fluid medium of only about six or seven quarts instead of the 52,535 gallons which Water would require if it were reduced to small bits and cultivated in flasks."
The vortex and the massive yet smooth way that it performs work on many levels simultaneously make these real and guaranteed efficiencies possible. Through our products, we make such efficiencies available to you.