Vortex Generators and Oxygen Species

It goes without saying… well, it virtually goes without saying that oxygen is a key factor in both the existence, and the quality of life, be it human, animal, plant, or soil.

According to two articles published on Sciencing.com, Oxygen is the most abundant element on Earth, comprising 46.6% of Earth’s crust, and 65% of living organisms.

The actual breakdown and rankings are as follows:

SOURCE: Sciencing.com April 26, 2018

Living Organisms

  1. Oxygen 65%
  2. Carbon
  3. Hydrogen
  4. Nitrogen
  5. Sulfur
  6. Phosphorus
SOURCE: Sciencing.com March 4, 2020

Earth’s Crust

  1. Oxygen 46.6%
  2. Silicon 28%
  3. Aluminum 8.1%
  4. Iron 5%
  5. Calcium 3.6%
  6. Sodium 2.8%
  7. Potassium 2.6%
  8. Magnesium 2.1%

It is with some irony to observe that with such a vital and abundant element, many of the challenges we experience today be directly connected to a reduction in oxygen content. This includes in our soils, the human body, and within the atmosphere.

So the presence of oxygen isn’t the issue, its the availability in a particular “species,” or form, which is O2, or molecular oxygen.

Water, which has a chemical designation as H2O, contains many species of oxygen, including O2, H3O2, and many others. In fact, these configurations exist as patterns and proclivities that are subject to changes millions of times per second.

That is, unless and until the water loses its motion and spin.

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In their very simple, but profound way, vortex generators create the conditions that cause and allow water to reconfigure its elemental “dance partners”. Not only do they increase the availability of molecular oxygen within the volume, which helps life that we can see, and microbial life that we can’t (both inside the body, and the soil) ~ they help reconfigure the charge characteristics of all the elements present.

This, we do not do. That is Nature at Work.

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