Vortex Generators and Algae

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We are sometimes asked whether, or to what extent vortex generators can affect algae in water, and if so, then how. In order to answer that question, it is more important to consider the aquatic environment in which the algae exists, rather than focus on the algae.

The algae and all of its characteristics are the result of prevailing environmental conditions, due to the motion-state, of the water, and all the elements within it.

The pond image above, and comments below it were sent to me by a customer who noticed and appreciated the change about one month after installing a Vortex Generator for their home and surrounding grounds.

The image suggests that, on its own, the pond had no natural pattern or flow of movement. Yet she noticed that it had “cleared up” on its own. The only change was the motion-state of the water itself.

One of the results of vortexing water is to “liberate” oxygen. Chemically speaking, the substance that we call water is “constructed” from two atoms of Hydrogen combined with one Oxygen, or “H2O”. These elements are “held” together, with various degrees of strength, by electromagnetic force of various strength and degree, called "bonds". These bonds, which have both electrical, magnetic, and directional properties, hold together all the other elements in the water volume, as such bonds “hold together” everything that exists in the physical world.

However, with respect to water, the attraction properties and characteristics between the elements in water change at lightning speeds. As such, many other combinations of elements are created within the water volume when a vortex event is induced, including, but not limited to H3O2, H2O2, OH, HHO, O3 as well as O2.

Evidence of such a change is seen in these lab notes, taken at a wastewater treatment plant.

Running effluent through our vortex generator, measuring among other things, “dissolved oxygen,” recording an increase of 216% after one hour.

Oxygen that is “dissolved” is bioavailable, which makes beneficial and necessary to living organisms and systems. Today, many corporations that use large amounts of water are fined millions annually for what are called, “BOD,” or “biological oxygen demand”. If the term were referred to as biological oxygen deficit, the importance might be more universally appreciated. Oxygen availability is fundamental to life, and it is enhanced, improved, or restored, with our vortex generators, and vortex motion.

The panels below show comparative differences in trace elements from a grow trial run in March 2021. This is for the control group. Notice the manganese (Mn) levels.

Notice the manganese difference below from the plot that received vortexed water.

While the numbers appear small, the significance is great.

According to Don Huber, Professor Emeritus at Purdue University, who has lectured extensively on the mechanism and effects of glyphosate, manganese is an instrumental element in “splitting” water molecules. See independent article here.

From the same linked article: Along with photosynthesis, manganese is also involved in many processes of plant growth and development including chlorophyll production, metabolizing nitrogen and carbohydrates, and various oxido-reduction reactions that lead to enzymatic activities.

Dr. Huber states that glyphosate “chelates” manganese, meaning that it “occupies” or bonds with the element, making it unavailable to other systems or other associations. This means that it takes more water to grow a crop where glyphosate is used, because the water function is reduced and impaired.

The orchestrated, coherent motion that is vortex phenomena induced by our vortex generators increase water’s ability to be “broken up” into other “configurations” of elements, thereby making said nutrients more readily available to life, including the vital support given by oxygen.

This explains why algae formation ends when vortex generators are added to lines where algae had become a persistent presence. The persistence of the algae prior to the introduction of the vortex generator is an indication that the water itself had been impaired, as evidenced by low oxygen and electrical conductivity properties.

As it relates to algae, cyanobacteria, or any growth factor in a pond, lagoon, or lake, consider that all of these are impacted by an increase in the O2 Factor, and that vortex generators are one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways to do it as just part of the many benefits that they deliver.


1 acre pond algae control

This 1-hectare lagoon had very high Blue green algae (BGA) levels of 3 million BGA cells/mL before dosing began in March. Ten weeks later the bloom was under control with ~9,000 BGA cells/mL and continues to remain the same with regular automated Diatomix dosing.1 acre pond algae control

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