The Traveler Redux!

We are happy to receive the initial shipment of The Traveler, our own personal vortex generator, which is in production again after a hiatus.

The Traveler is "personal" because you can take it you wherever you go, adding motion, coherence, and function to your beverages on the strength of gravity alone!

Pouring water through The Traveler Personal Vortex Generator

After spending many years trying to explain and in some cases, debating the consistent and mysterious benefit that vortexing creates, it finally dawned on us that the "problem" or "issue" in water treatment is not as much about what is in it, as it is with the state of the water volume at the moment of use. Specially, the state of motion.

Some might inquire where we get our information, because "science" apparently doesn't recognize the principles that we cite as meaningful. We're here to say that the failure or refusal by orthodox scientists to recognize or acknowledge the motion factor in assessing water's function quality does not diminish or invalidate the efficacy of approach. Said efficacy is confirmed by and through consistently demonstrated results

Nature Makes Science Possible

We are a society that have become accustomed to blindly following anything or anyone that claimed "scientific" membership while being careful not to ask critical questions, nor to seek or demand incontrovertible facts from their influencers. 

We have learned that our vortex generators beneficially impact a water volume via changes made to the motion physics, first from the consistent results our customers have experienced, and from the science of the Natural Laws of Motion Physics that support the phenomena. 

Actually, it's nothing new.

"Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates." — The Kybalion.

Published in 1908, The Kybalion outlines a set of fundamental principles or Laws that govern all of existence, "enunciated thousands of years ago, by the Masters of Ancient Egypt" before paid fact checking was popularized by an unnamed social media platform. 

The Kybalion cover art. 

This could be a juicy point of digression from the main subject, i.e., The Traveler Personal Vortex Generator, but we'll stay on point, which is to say that every change in motion, no matter how slight, changes everything within the particular water volume. 

Changing the properties and relationships of the vortexed water means changing its behavior, its absorbability, lowering the energy needed by the body to make it "useful" for metabolic work, and so on.  

Vortexing your beverage with the Traveler improves the motion dynamics of everything in your beverage, which makes it more penetrating, which, as an example, stimulates more taste receptors. 

The higher anion production that results from vortexing has an effect similar to aging certain beverages, such as wines and spirits, making them smoother. 

However, a word of caution: don't pour beer or carbonated drinks through your Traveler, unless you're wanting to flatten the taste!

Each is Unique

Production of the Traveler PVG is a mix of technology and technique, with final assembly being done individually, by hand. While this is actually the case with our entire product line, Traveler production is perhaps the most organic.

With gravity as the major force vector sending water or beverage through, high pressure is not a factor, therefore making the absolutely stable positioning required in our inline units unnecessary. Therefore, the rattle of a sphere is of no consequence to its operation, or performance.


"Maintenance" of the Traveler PVG is not required, but you can clean its internals with a rinse of vinegar, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), or even lemon juice.

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Lynetta Taylor

I have the travel one for my kitchen. How often do I need to clean it? As well as storing?

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